Our History

Autoplanet is founded in 2001 by De Luise Palmino in partnership with his brother Aurelio.

Initially the activity is carried out inside a small garage in Bologna, as a workshop where to repair cars and overhaul automatic transmissions.

Soon the passion for the latter area will become the main one. In fact, thanks to the previous ten-year experience gained from working in one of the leading nationwide companies, in 2004 De Luise Palmino decides to separate himself from his brother, with a view to creating a business in the sale of automatic transmissions.

He moves with the workshop to Casalecchio di Reno (Bo) in a more spacious site allowing him to increase production and hire staff: thus he begins to obtain his first brilliant results at local and national level.

Over the years he is involved in technological updating passionately, creates a well-organized workshop at every stage of processing and trains professionals in the sector to always guarantee the highest quality standards.

He meets Loredana Martorano, alongside him in life and work, and together they start travelling around the world approaching new world markets to deal with foreign companies, while Autoplanet reaches the European and American market, thus winning the name of “Company”. Mino’s passion and strength combined with Loredana’s determination and foresight make the company even stronger.

Since 1 July 2009 the company has been transformed into the current Autoplanet Transmission Ltd.

At present, the activity is based on 4 lines: assistance,  revision of automatic transmissions, revision of torque converters and spare parts warehouse. There are 13 specialized employees, who always ensure the highest quality and service to meet customers’ specific requests.

In the 10 years following 2001, Autoplanet Transmission’s performance leads to a constant growth, and today the company is proud to take part in the main trade fairs in this field all over the world.

Its results reveal an extremely dynamic reality, today more than ever focused on international business.